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July 17, 2013
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GEN48: Lin Kai'yu by tickitoki GEN48: Lin Kai'yu by tickitoki


[N]ame: Lin, Kai’yu (林凯欲)
[N]ationality: Chinese
[A]ge: 17 (February 14)
[G]ender: Male
[H]eight: 6’0” || 182cm
[W]eight: 150lb


[C]atchphrase: “Is it time already?”
[N]ickname: Kai
[G]eneration: Two
[T]eam: E
[A]ppeals: Enigmatic, lack of information on his personal and predebut life | Low voice with a slight drawl | Dancing | “Perfect man” image and open, flirty attitude | Expensive tastes and fashion sense

Real Life

[L]ikes: Twin sister (dotes on her a lot) | Piano and guitar | Dancing | Video games (extremely partial to FPS and RTS) | Purple | Sweets or desserts | Winning at everything | Long nights
[D]islikes: Losing/Falling short of expectations | Basically anyone his sister dislikes | Vegetables | Idiots and annoying people who don’t know when to shut up | People without talent or good looks | Puddles in the ground

Manipulative | Closed off | Sarcastic/mocking | Perceptive | Loyal | Clingy | Competitive

The idol Kai is onstage and the person he is out of the spotlight are two completely different people, one of the reasons he doesn’t want people to know about his life away from the camera. Onstage he is charismatic, kind, the type to treat girls right. Onstage, he’s what many girls would consider the “perfect man” (chivalrous, open, willing to flatter the fans, etc.). In reality, he’s kind of an asshole.

His first impressions are usually pretty bad, finding many people idiots or annoying. He’s not hard to piss off either, and he just ignores nuisances, or openly adverts his attention. Although not one for starting conversations, he can keep them going relatively well but he’s full cruel or spiteful remarks he’s not above mentioning. Kai is extremely adept at reading and conveying emotions, but that’s probably a skill he developed to please crowds and manipulate people into doing what he wants. Which he does regardless-- He’s often extremely aloof and generally doesn’t give a shit, but he seems to show affection with close contact(?) and would often hang off of or cling to his sister in the past. Sadistic and is not above cheating if it means winning. He basically hates losing. Ever. He's the type that would be prepared to sacrifice everyone close to him if it means winning at video games.

The elder in a set of delayed interval twins, Kai’s birth nearly kills their mother and his sister’s, Lin, birth is delayed for two months, but the strain still puts their mother into a coma. The woman dies when the children are four and five, leaving them with a father who was never home.

Kai’s father was stereotypically biased toward him, the eldest child and a male. Because of this, Kai was often showered with attention. Still he didn’t exactly like their father, partially because he never seemed to really be home and partially because his sister, whom he absolutely adored and doted on, disliked him. As children, they were a rather odd pair, in which Lin would be obsessed with guns and Kai be obsessed with music and dancing. He often performed in front of the servants or for his sister in her room. They were raised practically by the servants, all of whom Kai sees as important parental figures, and were taught by tutors for all of elementary school. Both were deemed physically talented and academically advanced.

He convinces his father to allow Lin and him to attend a private co-ed boarding school in another province, where he enjoyed trolling his teachers and the other students by switching places with his sister. He passes through middle school without much effort. In high school, he decides to attend an all-boys school where he uses a combination of his father’s name and his own intelligence to skip years and graduate early to become a singer. From there, he decides to head to Japan, where learned his sister was, and pursue a career as part of the Oracle. He auditions and earns his place within the agency-- idk


[A]dditional Info:
* Knows Mandarin/Cantonese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, and Spanish. Accented speaking.
* If you couldn’t tell already, he’s practically in love with his sister (siscom oops)
* Master of various forms of martial arts. He can and will kick your ass if you annoy him too much and he really doesn’t give a shit about gender. Not usually too violent though
* God of cooking and housework, even though he’s pretty loaded. No one is sure why yet
* Has several dogs of various large breeds, contemplating whether or not to have them sent to Japan in the future
* Partially blind in right eye, he cannot distinguish shapes too well
* Taught himself to play the piano and guitar, good at both
* Pays good money so that the media doesn’t know anything about his private life, and he would like to keep it that way
* Carries a set of dog tags around with him always. Calls them his lucky charms, though no one knows who they were from.

[V]oice: Soraru (because soraru’s voice makes me crey tears okay stfu)

[R]eason Behind His Existence: I’m a huge sucker for idol groups and assholes. And plus he was my idol oc already so I wanted to revamp him and become active with him. Since I just put his sister in a new group, I might as well do the same with him LOL. Also I’ve always wanted to use Soraru as a voice for one of my ocs and jfc Kai fits anyways LOL u _ u.

hi omg i'll fix the headshots later.

Everything copyright respective owners!!
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